9600 soundcard modem - same day delivery

Brian D Heaton ky9k-lists at ky9k.org
Mon May 9 13:14:07 PDT 2016

For the real fun, try PrimeNow. Delivery in a couple hours. The 
selection is limited, but when they got what you need it can be great to 
get it that fast.  I had a couple Tech class license study guides 
delivered and then handed them to a couple prospective hams.

On 5/9/2016 13:05, Bill Vodall wrote:
>> PS.   I went to order the cheap soundcards you provided a link to.
>> They were cheap so I ordered three.  Then, darn Amazon offered same
>> day shipping for another $6.   I hadn't tried that before so said yes
>> just to see if they can do it.  Supposedly my dongles will be here
>> before 9 pm tonight.   It's nice living in the Amazon back yard.
> +1 for Amazon - well make that +0.995.    When I first saw the same
> day delivery option they said I'd have it by 8 p.m.   After I paid the
> big bucks ($6) and clicked the link - they changed it to 9 PM.
> They made it.  Funny knock on the door at 8:45 and I got there in time
> to see a strange white car driving away.   The package with the USB
> soundcard's was on the porch.
> Bill
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