Now Available! BridgeCom BCM-220

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Wed May 11 06:15:48 PDT 2016

On Tuesday, May 10, 2016 10:49:46 PM PDT Bill Vodall didn't top post and 
> >> Puget Sounders -- with all of these BCM-220s coming, we should think...
> >> 
> >> Can we revive Gold Mountain or another repeater?
> I've been suggesting to a couple list members with "advantaged
> locations" (Hi Brian) that they could put a soundcard modem driven
> digipeater on the air.  With a good location we'd have a test point
> that could be reached by many on the list.  With a home or close
> location like that - it would be much easier for experimentation,

> trying new modes and fixing things when they break. I don't think
> we're ready for a site that requires a major effort to update software
> or fix a problem.

With scp and ssh the update and fixing of software is trivial.  Hardware 
failures are extremely rare and software lockups can easily be handled by a 
little bit of hardware.   I have two Rpi's sitting in the corner that have 
been running continuosly for a couple of months, gone thru multiple software 
updates, changes, etc.  and they haven't needed to be physically touched the 
whole time.  One of them is on a repeater that if it had better quality radios 
could do everything your asking for.

This stuff is remarkeably reliable. 

> >> > just a loose wire or bad TNC setting - tonight!
> > 
> > Why does something about a nut and wheel come to mind?
> Or both.   As of now and too many alt-192,alt-255's - I give up for
> the night and am going to go watch dragons...
> Bill
> PS.  RTL-SDR #3 arrived today.  Now if only I could find where I put
> the antennas...

And I just swapped out my funcube for rtl-sdr #4.  Three of them have been 
running continuously for weeks now.
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