Pi-gate missing pieces

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 11:51:51 PDT 2017

It's only been two weeks - that's not old yet?

Basil wrote:
 > I do things differently than Mark, I don't install a web
> mail client so you can use whatever imap e-mail client you have on your
> mobile device.

I'm excited about the pi-gate path because of the web mail client and
specially the wifi portal scheme.

If it was a small consistent group or emcomm organization where you
had all the resources prepared and ready - the email Imap scheme would
be the way to go.   In my use-case, providing a community
communications resources (something like Facebook lite) on an adhoc
brunch basis - setting up accounts on server(s) and a wide range of
clients would be an endless struggle.

A web login, with simple new-user control, would just work.   (what
could go wrong?)   What takes this to the next level will be adding
usenet NewsGroup technology.  Brunch discussions would carry from
brunch to brunch and in between.  NNTP technology scales between
servers (federates?) so all the pi-(bananacreme)-gates would look the
same and have the same content for users.

Any bets on my getting that working by SeaPack - with a test drive at
Linuxfest?   It's not impossible...

Bill, WA7NWP

On Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 3:41 PM, Basil Gunn <basil at pacabunga.com> wrote:
>> After not taking a closer look at the PI-Gate I quickly read thru the
>> slides Jim C posted to the SDR sig on FB.  Mostly tools we're familar
>> with - remember the Jeep Gate? - but there are some good pieces we'll
>> be able to expand on.
>>   http://www.pigate.net/
> Or go here,
> https://github.com/nwdigitalradio/n7nix
>  scroll down to 'paclink-unix imap'.  From the maintainer of
> paclink-unix with scripts to install everything on an RPi 3.
> I use node.js instead of Apache & postfix instead of exim.  The code was
> posted on SourceForge about 4 years ago, recently moved everything over
> to github.
>The install scripts are new. The only part dependent on
> a UDRC is the direwolf config.
> /Basil n7nix

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