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Tue Apr 18 13:36:59 PDT 2017

Hi All,

Pretty much a lurker here on this list, but having a great time watching :-)

So we were test riding our bikes down our street and made a u-turn by our newest neighbor, who had recently put in a full property six foot fence to protect baby from bears.  I'm not kidding, mom and toddler were outside one day five minutes before they spied a small bear outside, through their kitchen window.  With a fence comes a gate, and of course it's an electric gate.  I own a small gate from the same vendor - Might Mule; so I know a little about the gates.

My first thought upon seeing the new gate was: What would it take to hack their gate?  Short google later I found:

I understand what he is doing.  My Nooelec dongle came yesterday.  Had a good time playing with it before bed last night, and was somewhat disappointed to find out it was only a recieiver.  So the Yardstick One is the transmitter. Duh!

Since we have a gate, we have the problem of allowing friends and neighbors access.  Remotes are $25 a pop.  I have a RPi set up with a GSM hat.  Was thinking of having people sending a SMS text code to open the gate to the RPi.  I could hardwire the RPi to the gate, or I could hack a remote to send with a GPIO, but I really liked the idea of synthesizing the code and transmitting it like the gate hack video.

I am looking at the Yardstick One, and right away see the HackRF One.  I was hoping for a $25 solution with NESDR dongle.  Now I know I need a $100 Yardstick One.  The Yardstick One is not a SDR.  Do I really need a $300 HackRF?  I hate being a techie, sometimes ;-)  The broader range and flexibility of the HackRF is appealing. Would like to know more about the transmit power on each.

Anyone played with the Yardstick One and/or the HackRF One?  Are there other options you might know about?  The Yardstick One comes with a python lib that allows the gate code to be sent via a string of hex values.  Cool.  Can anyone ball park for me what it would take to do this with a true SDR like the HackRF one?

I knew the day would come where I would get into SDR.  Never thought it would be over hacking a gate :-)  Techies are weird!


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