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Ken Koster n7ipb at wetnet.net
Sun Apr 23 06:49:04 PDT 2017

On Saturday, April 22, 2017 4:52:36 PM PDT Bill Vodall wrote:
> Hard to believe it was free same day delivery.  It was on the same cup
> of coffee between Ken showing the new little Asus Tinker board and my
> ordering it from Amazon.

First Impressions after firing up the Tinker board last night.

The good:  
It seems snappier than an RPi3 (then again it should be).

Schematics and board outlines available for download.

GPIO looks to be identical to RPi so hats built for the  should be capable of 
working on it.

The dissapointing:  
Essentially no startup documentation.  

Missing links all over the place on the website.

The downloadable kernel doesn't install any loadable kernel modules.  Among 
the first things I tried was to set it up the way I do the RPi for the 
repeater and there was no snd-aloop module to be found,  aand when I went to 
the module directory it was empty.

No kernel source so I couldn't build my own modules to fix the above problem.

Maybe I missed something or maybe not but for now I've set it aside and I'll 
get back to it later this coming week and perhaps find a way to solve those 
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