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On Sunday, April 1, 2018 5:38:57 PM PDT Bill Vodall wrote:
> > When I bought the AMP-U25D last month it was Prime.
> Ah - there it is.  A bit of a price premium but not bad.
> Bill
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There was a long running thread about these on the DMR list last month with some having 
noise issues when used with DMR but working fine with FM.

Look for "[PNW] VHF/UHF HT Mobile DMR RF Amplifiers #Radios" at

DMR transmissions do seem to easily interfere with other nearby systems.  I  have to stay 
many feet away from my LED bench light to keep my HT from pulsing and shutting it on and 
off.  To keep noise out of my PC speakers I have to get out of the room.

I suspect most of the digital modes being discussed here will be ok but be aware of the 

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