ATCS Monitoring

Gary Fiber gfiber1952 at
Mon Apr 2 13:16:15 PDT 2018

Any of you monitoring Trains using the ATCS_Monitoring software and or 
via 900 Mhz for ATCS signaling?

I know the data is FSK, other than the ATCS program I wonder if there is 
another way of decoding it.  been trying to join the ATCS_Monitoring 
group on Yahoo with little success as the "Join Group" button is missing 
when I go that group. :(

The software is pretty neat, one part shows a model board like a train 
dispatcher uses and one can see the trains location and signal aspects. 
I don't know if it shows how the switches are aligned though.

Former Norfork & Southern " General Inspector of Signals"

Gary K8IZ

Gary Fiber K8IZ

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