CoCo Fans?

Steve Stroh steve.stroh at
Sun Apr 8 16:57:15 PDT 2018

Any other fans and potential or current users of the Radio Shack Color
Computer, Color Computer 2, or Color Computer 3 (or the Tano Dragon
computers) here on SEATCP?

As far as I know, it's just Bill WA7NWP and I.

I've just gotten back into it. I don't have a "super techie" reason -
just pure nostalgia, I got interested at the Vintage Computer Festival
PNW a few months ago, and I found a place where I could get a new old
stock CoCo 3 already upgraded with a number of enhancements that make
the use of a CoCo a lot more fun.

I'll be attending CoCoFEST! in the Chicago area in a couple of weeks.


Steve N8GNJ

Steve Stroh (personal / general): stevestroh at

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