The Study is over...

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at
Fri Apr 13 09:08:23 PDT 2018

Nice post from Facebook...

Bob C... The feasibility stage of ham radio is over. While there are
many things yet to come, access to the spectrum is the most important
aspect. Not only access - you have it with your cellphone - but FREE
(or low-cost) access to what is at least a billion dollars worth of
spectrum today. It is urgent that hams use the spectrum more wisely
and avoid appearances to the contrary. Ham SHOULD NOT be the only
people with access to the spectrum. So-called "ham radio hobbyists"
are only part of the user population. Once again, the feasibility
stage is over, it is easy to get on the air legally and effectively
(as it should be) and hams will LOSE the privileges to access it if
they don't wise up and realize they are not entitled to it. The
spectrum is precious, finite and becoming more urgently valuable every
day. The temptation for the likes of Pai and his cronies to sell off
the precious spectrum is bad news for us regular people. To be frank,
the typical hams are old and somewhat myopic as can be seen here. But
many are not. They are using the spectrum now, as we speak. de w1xyz

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