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On Mon, Apr 16, 2018 at 3:02 PM, Steve Stroh <steve.stroh at gmail.com> wrote:

> I was going to make that point, that with the dearth of other usage of
> VHF and UHF (repeaters are quite, few simplex QSOs, etc.) separation
> of non-interoperable modes can be done with frequency diversity - we
> have lots of channels to use.
> Longer discussion, and off-topic of this thread, but those different
> modes and frequencies could be tied together and made
> semi-interoperable by using  K7UDR's concept of APRS and 144.39 as a
> "Hailing Channel", and more automated software. If 144.39, the mode is
> 1200 AFSK. If 440.800, it's 9600 PSK. Etc.

​Yes, I agree there is plenty of mostly unused spectrum to play with, but
there needs to be some discussion and some people will have to move.

FYI, UZ7HO soundmodem will work as a digi. You have to enable it in the INI
file, it's not on the UI.

And to Bill's comment, the VARA FM (or HF) API is telnet with a sort of TNC
like command structure. I have connected to it with putty, but haven't
really tried doing anything with it outside of Winlink Express.

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