On the air easy thanks to the Magic of Direwolf

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 16 16:03:12 PDT 2018

>>   145.01-145.09 is wide open

I forgot to mention the 'upper end' packet channel of 147.600 MHz.

>>   144.91-144.99 is dxclusters (since the ARRL is going to outlaw
>> Internet assisted DX spotting...  Right Jim?)
>>   145.61-145.69 is EmComm.
>> That was easy.  :)
> Not so fast packet breath, there is at least one RMS gateway on every one

Squatters can be dealt with...

> But for testing, I doubt anyone would notice. I've been doing my tests on
> 145.030. The gateway beacons will clobber your PSK noise though.

That's the magic. Let the computers do what computers do...  Retry.
Learn.  Pass the traffic..

> I don't know if Sean is running soundcard on the gateway. He is running
> Windows RMS Packet, and I can't remember if that now has support for KISS
> over TCP (I think it does). I'll see if I can get him to switch to UZ7HO
> 3600 for a while, and turn on a digi. It would be better if ran BPQ, then he
> could just add another port. Adding the port back on my node is easy, just
> uncomment a few lines.

If he's running soundcard anything - just run another instance of the
soundcard modem and turn on digipeating.   Won't be a good test like
sending John Denver video emails but it's a start.


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