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Thu Apr 26 12:26:57 PDT 2018

On Thu, 26 Apr 2018, Bill Vodall wrote:

>> Remember that Forth must have the capability to
>> create new words to be able to extend itself (and to write Forth programs).
> Roger.  That's a project milestone that will really open up
> functionality.  Being able to go beyond crude assembly and machine
> code will help a lot.

Get the book "Threaded Interpretive Languages", a Byte Book. Mine's hardcover. It talks you through each piece of the language and has fully-working Z80 assembly for each.

I also have "Thinking Forth" and "Starting Forth". Never used those two all that much.

>> At first with the labels in there I thought you were trying to create Forth
>> using BASIC. I guess I never used numbers for labels in Assembly.
> Not Labels - effectively ORG statements...   If the simple loader
> finds a number starting in the first column it generates code starting
> there.

K. Makes sense.

> One of the short term additions is to add true labels so I can "JMP
> NEXTSTEP" instead of "JMP 200".  The Python I'm writing this in makes
> some functions really simple - and others frustratingly complicated.
> Either way it's educational (and fun) and that's all good.

Ok, so you ARE writing an interpreter in an interpreter...  That's what I was afraid of.

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