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I believe they are doing this on the burper system on Lookout Mtn near Bellingham which was built specificly for the hidden transmitter concern.

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>nice request...
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>Would it be possible to add a bit regenerator/packet repeater function?
>Many years ago, TAPR introduced a hardware version which went into a
>standard TNC2, which when attached to appropriate hardware permitted a
>packet repeater that actually decoded+reencoded the (A)FSK signal
>just repeating the audio like a classic voice repeater would do:
>One of the big challenges with packet is the "hidden transmitter
>which a packet repeater in a suitable location can largely address. I
>had some success in using a crossover cable from one KISS TNC to
>but I was hoping we could do this in software in a more real-time
>that could ultimately then support other applications via the AGWPE
>KISS over TCP interface.
>Thanks for this great software.
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