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Eric Nordin eric.nordin at
Wed Feb 14 23:43:33 PST 2018

Here's some more info on the stolen Kenwood TH-D74A.

S/N B910236

Black Icom wrist strap, stock Kenwood antenna. Battery case is marked 
"Battery #2." The rear of the radio is marked next to the belt clip in 
black indelible marker with "WL7CES." The welcome screen is currently 
programmed with "WL7CES." The radio has a Samsung memory card in it. It 
has had the MARS/CAP mod and has FRS and GMRS channels programmed in. It 
also has the Everett Mall's frequencies programmed in. It does not have 
any DMR codes in it.

Seattle Police case number is 2018-56123.

The radio was grabbed away from Tim just after he got off the bus at 
Westlake Mall. He thought it was a Seattle Community College student 
that grabbed it but that seems pretty unlikely to me. He said the kid 
had been on the bus with him and seemed pretty arrogant (not much to go 
on there). I don't have a description of the perp beyond that.

Eric AD7BF

On 2/14/2018 6:47 PM, Eric Nordin wrote:
> That wouldn't be Tim's radio. That post is six days old. Tim's was 
> stolen this afternoon.
> Too bad there isn't a photo or better description on that ad. My Icom 
> IC-T2H was stolen several years ago along with a Mag-lite and a pair of 
> cell phones. I'm sure that radio will turn up somewhere eventually.
> Eric AD7BF
> On 2/14/2018 6:36 PM, KR wrote:
>> Did you see the "
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>> <,-122.031400,16z>)
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>> on Craigslist???
>> --Konrad, WA4OSH
>> On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 6:16 PM, Eric Nordin <eric.nordin at 
>> <mailto:eric.nordin at>> wrote:
>>     Tim Leghorn WL7CES had his radio stolen while traveling in Seattle
>>     this afternoon. Said radio is a Kenwood TH-D74A handheld. The radio
>>     is set up with APRS and DPRS but unfortunately the APRS was not
>>     turned on at the time the radio was snatched. The GPS and DPRS ARE
>>     turned on however so, if the radio transmits on DSTAR and, if the
>>     transmission is heard by a DSTAR machine that is on the network, the
>>     GPS position of the radio will be reported. Tim told me he thinks
>>     the radio is currently set up as "WL7CES-5" so, if you see that call
>>     pop up, please make note of the location and let Tim know. Tim can
>>     be reached at WL7CES at <mailto:WL7CES at> The radio
>>     was last tuned to the NR7SS repeater but has other area repeaters
>>     (including DSTAR machines) programmed in as well.
>>     When I spoke with him on the phone an hour or so ago, Tim was in the
>>     process of reporting the theft to Seattle Police but didn't have a
>>     case number yet.
>>     Please, everyone keep an eye out for Tim's radio. According to Tim,
>>     some punk grabbed it and ran. Chances are this was drug motivated
>>     and the radio will show up on ebay or Craig's List or in a pawn shop
>>     somewhere. It's a long shot but, if we're all on the lookout, we
>>     might just be able to recover it or be able to determine its
>>     location, which could then be reported to police.
>>     If I learn any further details (serial number of the radio, for
>>     example) I will pass them along.
>>     Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
>>     73,
>>     Eric AD7BF
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