Stolen Radio Alert

Eric Nordin eric.nordin at
Fri Feb 16 16:06:59 PST 2018

John makes a very good point here.

My mother worked in the Property Recovery Unit of the Seattle Police
Department. One of her greatest frustrations (true of the detectives she 
worked with also) was when they recovered property they knew was stolen 
but there was no way to trace the property back to the rightful owners. 
Having the serial numbers of all of your equipment written down where 
you can retrieve it without delay so you can report it to the police is 
very important but having your name on it as well is a really excellent 
idea. The fact that Tim's radio was identifiable as being his by way of 
his call being written on the back and being programmed to come up on 
the welcome screen probably worked in his favor.

Eric AD7BF

On 2/16/2018 3:51 PM, John D. Hays wrote:
> Glad he is getting it back.
> My company makes great ID tags to put on your equipment -- 
> I put them on my equipment.
> Honest people can then return your stuff when it is found.
> #IDMyStuff
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