Help NW Digital Radio with your view on GPS for new product

John D. Hays john at
Sat Feb 17 11:56:05 PST 2018

NW Digital Radio <> is seeking input for the next
Raspberry Pi based Amateur Radio digital station platform.

The new Raspberry Pi HAT will contain a CODEC (sound card) based on the
successful UDRC II <> and will
include two amateur radio packet standard mini DIN-6 ports allowing one or
two radios to be connected with PTT and SQL detect and support
programs/protocols such as:

Direwolf - providing multi-speed packet radio modems (2 channels) [APRS,
RMS, Xastir, URONODE, ...]
wsjt-x - K1JT family of digital modes including FT8
fldigi/flrig/... - digital modes
and more

This will be an integrated package, in a custom case, with available
pre-built images requiring minimum configuration.

Please participate in the survey here <>,
and give your opinion on GPS integration.  It is only one multiple choice
question and should only take a minute of your time.

*Take the Survey <>*

Thank you.

Feel free to forward this email to appropriate individuals and mailing

John D. Hays
Edmonds, WA

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