Horizontal and Vertical antennas

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That is quite a difference. I had a long wire up one here but the wire 
was lower than the front part of the lot due to the back being on a hill.

Gary K8IZ

On 10/23/2018 8:06 AM, Ken Koster wrote:
> One of the many topics at the Saturday breakfast lately has been 
> simple HF antennas for locations like mine or WA7NWPs where we aren't 
> putting up towers and lots of wires but still want to get on HF 
> occasionally.
> I have a vertical (CH-250B) but while it works ok on 20M the noise 
> floor (remember it's a vertical) is terrible on 75/40M. I've been 
> talking for a while about putting up an untuned end-fed wire again and 
> Bill has been thinking about one of the MFJ end-fed ones.
> I finally got around to throwing up something this last weekend. I 
> used an old 1-1 balun that I rewound to 9-1 and strung up a 50' chunk 
> of wire with about 25' of counterpoise (all I had handy). It's going 
> to go higher but right now it's only about 8' off the ground and fed 
> with about 50' of RG8x and my MFJ antenna tuner.
> The difference?...Take a look.
> https://photos.app.goo.gl/x7BZwbQZhbWDBcmg7
> The screen shots are of my Anan10 SDR rig on 75M. The right most shot 
> is on the vertical and shows the high noise level on the spectrum 
> display. The waterfall shows a horizontal line where I switched from 
> horizontal to vertical and you can see many of the signals just 
> disappear. The left most shot is on the horizontal wire. Lots of 
> signals and the noise level is down about two S units.
> Results on 40M are about the same and even on 20M there is about one 
> unit difference.
> Before, 40M was unusable because I never heard anything.
> After, it's fine and first light on the antenna was a 5-7 report from 
> VE6AO in Calgary.
> Now to take the time to make it longer and pull it up a bit higher and 
> mount it more securely.
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