Unobtainium 742

David Flood davidf4 at
Sat Oct 27 19:38:06 PDT 2018

DRAT!  The 207H is already sold...that's also a nice rig...but I can't quite
swing the 742 right now...

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Anybody still looking for a 742?


Howdy gang, have the following for sale. Contact me here for
additional information or pictures. or k7mt at

Sold $225 Kenwood DM-700a VHF/UHF with Trimble GPS
Sold $225 Kenwwod DM-700a VHF/UHF with Garmin GPS
Sold $200 Kenwood DM-700a VHF/UHF No GPS
$135 Alinco DR-135TP VHF with TNC
$135 Alinco DR-135TP VHF with TNC
$425 Kenwood TM-D742A 2m/220/70cm Triband Extras
$90 Kantronics Kam Pus V8.2
$90 Kantronics Kam Plus V8.2
$175 Swan 270B with Shure Mike External VFO
Sold $175 Kenwood TH-D7A(G) with Garmin GPS VHF/UHF
$60 Yaesu 1500M VHF Mobile
$60 Kenwood TM-261A VHF Mobile
Sold $110 ICOM 207H VHF/UHF Mobile
$35 Yaesu FT5200 VHF/UHF Tech Special Mobile
$75 M2 6 element 2 meter antenna
$180 KLM Sat antennas 2 m 5x5 70cm 9 x 9
$90 Tectronics 2236 100mhz o scope with probes
$50 70cm beam antenna 8 element
$260 32 foot rohn hbx self standing tower
Funds from tower go to a RC-210 Repeater Controller for MRLA system
Bill K7MT

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